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Professional Installation Service

The WSN Knowledge Base installer makes things as simple as possible, but you still have to get a web host and set up a database through your hosting control panel. We realize this isn't easy if you haven't done it before. Just fill out this page to describe what options you want installed and where you want it, and it'll be done for you by a professional -- usually within 24 hours and almost always within 72 hours. This service is completely free with no catch, even if you don't own the script yet.

What languages will you be using on your website?


What version would you like?

Current (get all the new developments as they happen)
Stable (for websites where stability is more important than features)

Would you like any of these data sets pre-loaded for you?

What URL would you like WSN Knowledge Base to show up at?

Please provide your web hosting control panel access info so that we can configure the database for you:

Control Panel URL:
Control Panel Username:
Control Panel Password:

If you don't know your hosting control panel information, ask your web host. They probably sent it in your wecome email when you signed up.

Your email address where you can be reached when installation is complete or if something requires discussion:

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Any additional comments or instructions?

Please Note: Installation services do not include any template customizations or any other type of customization. Customization services are available for $1/minute, please contact support with a description of your project to get an estimate.