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Download WSN Forum 11.2.83 or Get WSN Forum for Wordpress

WSN Forum version 11.2.83 was released on Thursday, June 20, 2024.

What makes WSN Forum special?

WSN Forum's vast suite of SEO tools make it easier for people to find you. Once they do, single-click registration via Facebook Connect or Google Sign-In converts more of them into members. The invites system helps build hype and enables invite-only beta marketing.

A forum needs to reach a critical mass of fresh topics for visitors to respond to, or those visitors will leave. WSN Forum's feed submission system makes it a breeze to keep fresh interesting content pouring in — just find an RSS feed on the forum's topic, add it, and sit back as WSN Forum posts new articles for discussion every day.

WSN Forum is very scalable. Some WSN Forums have over a million posts, so you'll never outgrow it.

Once your forum has grown, you may want to make money from it. WSN Forum can help. The advertising system will rotate your banners and track your clickthrough rates. The member sponsorship system lets your members purchase special account privledges or recogniation.

Got a WordPress site? Want to engage that audience with a powerful discussion forum? WSN Forum can integrate WordPress' members, and can even automatically integrate most WordPress themes! Membership integration works with almost any other MySQL-based script too.

WSN Forum is mobile-ready. The default theme, bootstrap and several others are fully responsive and adapt to every device your members use. Passes google's mobile site test so you rank above those who don't in mobile searches.

WSN Forum is the most customizable and adaptable discussion forum on the market. The powerful templates system lets you create new pages or change anything about the standard pages. The toplist generator helps you fetch and display any list of topics, posts or members anywhere. A unique generic widget system allows you to design your own database table and add, edit and view the records via WSN Forum without any programming. If programming is your thing, the modifications and plugins system enables major feature additions without any upgrade headaches.

You need a reliable partner as your forum grows. We've been developing and supporting WSN Forum since 2005 and expect to for more decades to come. Enjoy the security of bugfixes typically patched less than a week after they're reported, and free site inspection service to help track them down and repair them on-site even quicker. Relax with free installation service and in-depth support from the developer, and know you can rely on us at a good price for any paid modifications you may need.