WSN Gallery

A Powerful Image and Video Gallery

Download WSN Gallery 11.2.83 or Get WSN Gallery for Wordpress

WSN Gallery version 11.2.83 was released on Thursday, June 20, 2024.

What makes WSN Gallery special?

WSN Gallery can adapt to whatever type of media you want to use it for. It comes with powerful tools for images, like automatic resizing, watermarking, customizable thumbnails and bulk downloading. If you're doing video uploads, WSN Gallery has an integrated flash player and automatic conversion of uploads to Flash format. WSN Gallery can also be easily adapted to podcasts, PDF documents (with thumbnails of the PDF content), or any other media type you'd like.

Want a category full of cat photos? Just type 'cats' on the submit feed page and WSN Gallery will grab a feed of cats from Flickr and automatically add new photos on the topic every day. Add photos from any RSS feed.

Bringing your own original content? We've got you covered there too with WSN Gallery's import tools. Looking for user-generated content? The submission system and uploader with progress bar makes it easy for everyone.

Looking to add member galleries to your current website? WSN Gallery's member system integration makes it easy to integrate with almost any other MySQL-based script. For WordPress sites, WSN Gallery can even integrate most themes so that you get visual consistency without any work.

Looking to sell photos, videos or other digital media? WSN Gallery is here to help you do that, either with a shopping cart system where you're doing all the selling or with user-supplied payment buttons to let your users do the selling.

The internet moves fast, and a script is no use to you if you can't count on it being kept up to date and secure in the years ahead. You can't afford to be left in the lurch forced to make an expensive transition to a new script when there's a vulnerability in your current choice, or when new PHP versions can't run an old script or the web services it integrates die out.

With WSN Gallery there's nothing to worry about — it's been here since 2003, and no month has ever passed without an update, and it's not going anywhere. We'll still be here for decades to come. Enjoy free installation service, free site inspection service and quick bug fixes. Take advantage of in-depth support from the developer and any paid modifications you may need.