WSN Knowledge Base

A Powerful Article Directory Script

Download WSN Knowledge Base 11.2.83 or Get WSN Knowledge Base for Wordpress

WSN Knowledge Base version 11.2.83 was released on Thursday, June 20, 2024.

What makes WSN Knowledge Base special?

WSN Knowledge Base can handle hundreds of thousands of articles. Use for anything from internal team documentation to a vast news archive.

Import your articles from a CSV, or use the RSS submissions system to get fresh content automatically drawn in from blog and news feeds each day.

Once your article directory takes off, it's time to make money on it. WSN Knowledge Base's advertising system can rotate your banners and track click through rates. The sponsorship system can encourage people to pay to promote their articles, or to promote their accounts for more features.

The WSN Knowledge Base default theme (as well as the bootstrap theme and several others) is fully responsive and passes google's mobile site test. Desktop browsers see a full powerful desktop site, while on smaller screens it transforms gracefully into a readable, tap-friendly interface. You get desktop, tablet and phone versions without having to think about it!

Will your requirements change someday down the road? Do you just like to tinker? Easy switches help you customize which types of features to use. To go beyond the thousands of features already present, the easy-yet-powerful templates system is just the start. The modifications system makes it easy to make powerful additions and changes to functionality without upgrade complications.

You need a partner who will be there for you as your business grows. Most article scripts are abandoned by their developers within a year or fall behind as the web evolves. We've been actively developing and supporting WSN Knowledge Base since 2005, and will continue for decades to come. From free installation service and free site inspection service to lightning fast bug fixes and in-depth support from the developer and any paid modifications you may need, we've got you covered! Rest easy knowing you'll always be safe from attackers with perpetual free security updates and an automated updates system. Future-proof your website with WSN Knowledge Base!