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Loading Presupplied Data Sets

Loading Presupplied Data Sets
12/04/16 (Edited 12/04/16)

When installing any WSN script, the "Pre-Load Data" section in the installer gives you the option to give your site the head start of using one of the provided data sets. These data sets provide commonly-desired forum structures, or in some cases even topic data. The datasets currently available as of this writing (note some of these options may not show for some of the scripts where they're not really relevent):

Business forums: forums and subforums for types of businesses, ideal for starting a business directory
Business forums by state/province: same as above but with the top level forums being USA states and Canadian provinces, with the business forums nested below that
USA cities by county by state: all USA cities and towns with more than a few thousand people, organized into county subforums and state top level forums
USA counties by state: all USA counties as subforums organized by state top level forums
USA states: the 50 USA states as top level forums
Counties of single state: you'll be prompted to select a USA state, and the counties of that state will be the top level forums
Cities by county of single state: you'll be prompted to select a USA state, and the state's counties will be top level forums while the state's towns will be subforums.
PAD forums: the official software forums from the PAD shareware format
PAD topics (60K): tens of thousands of software topics organized by forum
PAD topics (16K): a more carefully cultivated set of software topics organized by forum
Web scripts forums: forums appropriate for a directory of web scripts

It's best if you make the correct selection during installation, but sometimes you may want to change your data set after you've already installed. This is possible. First, you must delete your current site data (forums, topics and associated info) and be sure that you really want to do that. Go to Admin Panel -> Miscellaneous -> Advanced Options and place the following in the "Run SQL" box:


Run that. Now your next step is to load one of the pre-loadable data sets. You'll do this by visiting a special URL in your web browser while logged in as an administrator. The URL varies slightly depending on which data you want to load:

Business forums: youradminpanelurl/loaddata.php?filled=1&datasource[0]=businessforums&dataindex=0
Business forums by state/province: youradminpanelurl/loaddata.php?filled=1&datasource[0]=businessforumsbystate&dataindex=0
USA cities by county by state: youradminpanelurl/loaddata.php?filled=1&datasource[0]=cities&dataindex=0
USA counties by state: youradminpanelurl/loaddata.php?filled=1&datasource[0]=counties&dataindex=0
USA states: youradminpanelurl/loaddata.php?filled=1&datasource[0]=states&dataindex=0
Counties of single state:
Cities by county of single state:
PAD forums: youradminpanelurl/loaddata.php?filled=1&datasource[0]=pad&dataindex=0
PAD topics (60K): youradminpanelurl/loaddata.php?filled=1&datasource[0]=padtopics&dataindex=0
PAD topics (16K): youradminpanelurl/loaddata.php?filled=1&datasource[0]=padtopicsalt&dataindex=0
Web scripts forums: youradminpanelurl/loaddata.php?filled=1&datasource[0]=scriptdirectory&dataindex=0

For the single state ones, be sure to change California to your desired state at the end of the URL.

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