WSN Directory

WSN Directory PHP Coding and Template Modification Services

Need custom programming for WSN Directory, template customization, an importer, or the like? Submit your proposal. Please describe what you need in as much detail as possible so that you can get the most accurate estimate possible.

The work will be done by the script's developer, who isn't a graphic designer, so if you're looking for a beautiful template you should have a generic website template at the ready which can be adapted (many websites like template monster provide these cheap).

New clients get the first 30 minutes work free on request — no payment info needed! Beyond that, the standard rate is $1 per minute for the first 3 hours of work in any 30 day period — discounted to $0.90/minute for everything beyond, as long as payment is made within 7 days of recieving the bill. All projects large and small are welcome.

To give you a vague idea of what to expect, implimenting a generic website template wrapper and style that you've selected would typically cost about $100. A more detailed customization of lots of internal pages would cost more (the stylesheet integration should make the internal pages basically fit in though).

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Legal note: Unless you request otherwise, ownership of the custom project PHP code remains with the author, though you have a license to use it in any way you wish. Thus you don't have exclusive rights to the implimented feature and custom projects may be incorporated into the script as a regular feature for everyone. This benefits you by making later bug fixes and improvements to it become free, but you may opt out and keep the ownership to yourself by making that special request.