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Adding an Editor's Picks Section

Adding an Editor's Picks Section
Oct 30, 2007 (Edited Mar 11, 2014)

Suppose you want a special page listing only items you select.

1) First, add a new listing field named, let's say, edpick. Make it a checkbox. Uncheck the options for making it user submittable/editable since you want only editors to be able to choose these.
2) For listings you want to make editor's picks, edit them to check the box.
3) Create the new page at Admin -> Themes -> Custom Pages. In the content we'll use a toplist. Go to Admin -> Themes -> Toplist Generator. For the filtering condition, type
edpick = 'edpick'
. In the box for display content, let's use
. If you want something more fancy you can use the regular listing bit by typing

Description Step by step tutorial in creating a special page which lists listings picked by administration.
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