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Individual Hacks

How-to details for completed hacks.

Show listings, ordered by

Remembering the username, but not the password.

Step by step tutorial in creating a special page which lists listings picked by administration.

Creating A to Z sections of listings.

Improving database speed on a site with millions of posts.

How to display a list of categories and subcategories, anywhere.

This hack makes non-members click a box acknowledging that they will be missing features with non-membership in order to get them to register.

Using the beforemoderation function to stop moderators from doing certain things in certain places.

How to add a slidehow of a member's images to their profile.

Use different colors for each layer of depth in your category selector, to distinguish them.

A plugin to make sure all listing titles are unique.

Setting different required fields for a particular usergroup compared to others.

Showing your content outside of the WSN directory.

Displaying a navigable list of your top level categories, anywhere.

How to place your entire site in frames.
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