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Image Rotation Options

Image Rotation Options

Sometimes you or your submitters may upload an image that was taken in portrait mode but shows in landscape mode or vice versa. The slow option is to open up your image editor and rotate the image yourself. The more efficient option is to let WSN help you with this.

At Admin -> Settngs -> Switches, in the attachments section, one of the options is "Image rotation options". If you activate this, small icons will appear below attachment thumbnails on the submit and edit pages. These icons will allow the submitter/editer to rotate the image clockwise or counterclockwise by 90 degrees. The rotation immediately displays in the thumbnail (WYSIWYG). They can repeat the rotation if desired. Changes to the live image which everybody else sees only take effect once the editer submits the page to save their changes, so if they abandon an edit with a rotation applied it won't have done any damage.

The clockwise and counterclockwise icons are bootstrap glyphicons for bootstrap-derived themes, and unicode characters for other themes. You can choose your own icons by saving rotateleft.png and rotateright.png to the templates/images_yourtheme directory.

Like other image manipulation options, this feature requires that you have either GD or ImageMagick on your server.

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