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Effectively Customizing with [INSERTFILE=template]

Effectively Customizing with [INSERTFILE=template]
09/24/03 (Edited 03/10/14)

Where you have a lot of cutom content to insert in a template in a particular spot, consider the benefits of moving it into a custom template and then just calling in the custom template. This way, you minimize your changes to the standard templates and can much more easily upgrade your templates in the future, as well as find your customizations faster when you need to change them.

First, create the custom template at Admin Panel -> Themes -> Manage Templates -> "Create a new custom template called". Then, to call that content in to where you want it shown in the regular template, type [INSERTFILE=yourtemplatename]... changing yourtemplatename to whatever you named your custom template (with spaces and special characters stripped out). This works in all templates.

Another situation where the [INSERTFILE=] syntax is extremely useful is when you want to add the same thing in multiple spots. If you just edit in the desired HTML at each spot, you're in a bind when you want to change a word a month later and have to find and change each and every instance. If you do it with an [INSERTFILE=customstuff] then all you have to do is edit the customstuff custom template once, and everywhere is updated.

Description Keeping your changes separate from the main templates.
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