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Search Engine Placement

Search Engine Placement
11/22/03 (Edited 03/10/14)

If you have ever submitted a website to one of the major search engines, you have learned placement is everything. Your site being listed, but showing up on the 500th page of the search results does not do a lot for increasing your site traffic. Traffic is everything to a website. You have built something that you feel has a value and you want people to be able to find your website, use it and enjoy it.

There are thousands of websites out there where you can learn the tips and tricks for moving your site up in the search engine placement war. One of the things these sites will tell you is your link popularity can be a very important factor in increasing your websites rankings on the search engines.

Now for the question, how do you go about increasing your link popularity? Well first in its simplest terms your link popularity is based on the number of websites on the Web that have a link leading directly to your website. Just as importantly these links should be near content which is related to your site's subject, so that the search engines can deduce the subject of your site based on where you're being linked to and thus return your site higher in the results for searches on that subject. Many search engine ranking sites will suggest submitting to all the directories and link list sites you can. So you go out and submit to DMOZ, you find out Yahoo you may have to shell out bucks to be listed and also that the list of popular free directories is hard to find. But you find as many as you can and still the traffic to your site has not increased. Furthermore when you check your link popularity, it still has not moved up much either.

Next you move to find smaller or topic-specific directories where you can add a link back to your site. These are commonly known as link lists and on most of them you must place their link on one of your top pages in order for them to add your site as a link in their directory. WSN Links can help with this on both ends, to reciprocate their link and to bring people to you who are willing to reciprocate yours.

The difference now is you are the operator of the directory and now it is your banner or link that must be placed on their site in order to be put on your list. Now they are doing the work for you. They come to you. They fill in all of their information about their link. They also take the required information about your site and put it on their site for you. Your job to check that box and approve their link. Now it is you that has another site linking to you on the Web. You that has the placement of your site's link on a top page of their site and you that is going to see an increase in traffic to your site. It is also you that will start to see your link popularity rise and you that has a new and important tool for increasing your search engine ranking.

So even if your site is not all about making a directory or being just a links site, having a section of your site just for links is worth the effort on your part. After all traffic is the name of the game when it comes to websites. WSN Links offers you the opportunity to start to move your website up in the rankings on the search engines and increase your targeted traffic.

Description Why having a links directory can give you an advantage on the major search engines.
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