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Allowing Only Reciprocal And Sponsored

Allowing Only Reciprocal And Sponsored
01/18/10 (Edited 03/11/14)

Suppose you want to set up your directory so that people have to either give you a reciprocal link or pay you, in order for their link to be approved. Here's the steps to do that:

1) Go to Admin Panel -> Topics -> Topic Types. Change the name of the regular type to sponsored. If you want both the sponsored and reciprocal types to look exactly the same, remove the
<IF {LINKTYPE} is recip><img src="{IMAGESURL}/star.png" ></IF>
line from them.

2) Go to Admin Panel -> Settings -> Switches and check the "only allow reciprocal and sponsored" box. Make sure the sponsorship switch is enabled too.

3) Go to Admin Panel -> Settings -> Sponsorship and set up topic type sponsorship or member usergroup sponsorship as desired.

Description Setting up your directory to require reciprocal links for free topics, but not require them for paid topics.
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