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Login Troubles

Login Troubles
Dec 04, 2007 (Edited Feb 08, 2014)

Issue: You see the "you've been logged in" message but after the redirect you're not logged in.

Solution: You may have a cookie domain or cookie path problem. Use tweaks.php to override your cookie domain and cookie path. If there are no other non-integrated WSN installs on the site that you need to avoid conflicting with, set the cookie domain to (use your domain name) and the cookie path to /.

Also try clearing cookies or using a different browser to login.

Issue: You see a message saying your username or password is incorrect.

Solution: First, try using your email address in place of your username -- you might have selected at Admin -> Settings -> Switches to use emails as logins. If that doesn't work, type your email in the lost password form at yourinstallationlocation/index.php?action=userlogin . If that doesn't work (perhaps you're running a localhost testing copy that can't send emails), follow this procedure:

  1. Register as a new member at your own site through the front end.
  2. Use phpmyadmin (it's in most web hosting control panels) to go directly into the database on your server, and manually edit the usergroup for this new member in your wsnlinks_members table to change it to 3. Usergroup 3 is the administrative group. If you require validation of members you'll also need to change the 'validated' field to '1' to validate your account.
  3. Now you should be able to log in. Use your new login to edit profile of the inaccessible account to change its password.

Issue: You can login to your account, but you've lost your administrator privledges.

Solution: See [internalarticle=104]Can't login to Admin Panel[/internal].

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