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YouTube Embeds

YouTube Embeds
10/09/10 (Edited 02/07/14)

In WSN Gallery, when running a gallery of videos, you may want to let people reference a youtube video instead of uploading a video. Enabling the youtube embeds switch at Admin -> Settings -> Switches accomplishes this. When that switch is enabled, a field appears on submitting a article where the submitter can provide a youtube video URL. When provided, WSN Gallery embeds the video. A thumbnail from the video is automatically fetched, but if thumbnail fetching has not yet processed or has failed somehow the image templates/images_default/youtube.png will be used for the thumbnail. YouTube videos will act as part of your gallery like any other videos.

To take full advantage of youtube, add autoupdating feeds of youtube videos based on search terms or playlists. To do this, first make sure you have Admin -> Settings -> Switches -> "XML feed submissions" enabled. Then, in the submit box in a category or on your gallery's front page, click "Submit New Feed". Provide the playlist or search term where requested and submit.

Description Adding YouTube videos to your gallery.
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