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08/19/09 (Edited 03/11/14)

Sponsorship allows you to monetize your site by charging submitters or users for benefits.

The "sponsorship" switch at Admin -> Settings -> Switches enables the sponsorship system, though it doesn't actually result in people being able to sponsor by itself -- you'll need to configure those details after. Once you enable the sponsorship switch you'll need to go to Admin Panel -> Settings -> Sponsorship (which will show up with the switch enabled) and configure the details for your article type or member usergroup promotion sponsorship levels there.

There are two types of paid sponsorship:

  • Article type sponsorship - encourage submitters to pay for a more prominent article, or require them to pay to get listed at all, as you prefer.
  • Member usergroup sponsorship - encourage/require members to pay for extra abilities/content, or encourage/require submitters to pay to get their articles better positioning.

Click on one of the above to learn more. You can also do unpaid sponsorship based on user clicks.

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