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04/24/08 (Edited 02/14/14)

Amongst your switches at Admin Panel -> Settings -> Switches you have two slideshow options: "Category slideshow" and "Article image slideshow". The former enables a link in the category actions menu where everyone can view a slideshow all the images uploaded to articles in the category. The latter is for the article details page and makes the thumbnails of any images attached to the article open in a slideshow when clicked.

In both cases the slideshows use lightbox, which is a common javascript slideshow which overlays on top of the page graying out the background, with arrows for navigation and a close button. The slideshow images are in templates/images_default and are defined here in the stylesheet:
.lb-prev:hover { background-image: url('../images_default/lightbox-prev.png'); }
.lb-next:hover { background-image: url('../images_default/lightbox-next.png'); }
.lb-data .lb-close { background-image: url('../images_default/lightbox-close.png'); }
.lb-cancel { background-image: url('../images_default/lightbox-loading.gif'); }

Description Enabling a slideshow
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