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Download Screenshots

Download Screenshots
10/22/09 (Edited 02/04/14)

At Admin Panel -> Settings -> Switches, you have an option to download screenshots. PAD files contain a URL to a screenshot of the software application. If the "download screenshots" switch is off, your software repository will display the remote screenshot image directly from the remote website. WSN uses some javascript to resize the remote images to fit your screen. This may be ok when there's only one screenshot on the page, but becomes problematic when you want to show thumbnails of the screenshots of many different applications on one page... doing so becomes very slow for the site visitor because of all the different DNS requests involved and the large number of megabytes to download the complete images. The "download screenshots" switch solves the problem by downloading the screenshot images to your own server, attaching them to the article, and then generating small thumbnails for them the same way WSN does with images you upload manually.

If using one of the pre-supplied data sets, after you turn on "download screenshots" you may need to either patiently wait for them to download when the articles are viewed or to regenerate articles at Admin -> Maintenance -> Regenerate in order to get the screenshots downloaded -- this is true for the 60,000 article set. The smaller 18,000 article set includes a screenshots package so it should have them all pre-downloaded for you.

To download screenshots for 60,000 articles, you'll need about 25 gigabytes free space on your server. If using the smaller dataset of about 18,000 articles, expect to need about 8 gigabytes of disk space.

Description Incorporating screenshots from PAD files into the attachments system.
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