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Auction-style Member Feedback

Auction-style Member Feedback
09/17/06 (Edited 03/10/14)

At Admin Panel -> Settings -> Switches you have the option to enable an auction-style member feedback system. This is in the style of sites like eBay, where people review buyers and sellers regarding a completed transaction. Your members will be able leave positive or negative reviews about their experiences with each other, with reference to specific links which are presumed to represent deals of some sort. This can be useful if you're using WSN as a marketplace or auction manager.

At Admin Panel -> Themes -> Manage Templates, you'll find all the related templates in the "Auction-style Feedback Templates" section. The total feedback number of the submitter is displayed in the view profile template with a link to the trader profile details, this is the template code used which you can place anywhere within the scope of a particular member:

Description eBay-like ratings on your site.
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