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Updating Software Listings

Updating Software Listings
04/29/13 (Edited 03/10/14)

WSN Software Directory comes with thousands of listings, but you'll notice that these listings have old information in them. You'll need to regenerate them in order to get the latest versions of the software reflected. Go to Admin Panel -> Maintenance -> Regenerate and check the "Do PAD file updates?" box. Please note this requires pulling up tens of thousands of web pages to read the PAD files so it will take several days -- leave it running in a background tab in your browser.

Note that software listings regenerate automatically every 30 days if you get enough website traffic, but if you don't have enough people hitting the site then there aren't enough page loads on which to run those updates.

To get PADs updated automatically regardless of site traffic, use your website control panel (such as CPanel) to create a cron. There should be a page labeld crons or schedule tasks. Schedule the command
wget -O /dev/null "http://installpath/index.php?action=padupdatecron"
to run once per minute minute -- that equates to 43,000 times per month which means at least 43,000 updates can be processed.

If you want to add more PAD files in bulk (instead of just updating existing ones), you'll need to find a provider. One option is . Download from them. Then in WSN go to Admin Panel -> Additions -> Add Listings -> "PAD CSV Import" and check the "Do PAD file updates?" box. upload the modified trusted.csv file there.

Reloading WSN's Repository

WSN provides two sets of softare data -- a human-moderated set of ~18,000 quality listings (courtesy of and a larger unmoderated set. You can reload the moderated set by gonig to youradminpanelurl/loaddata.php?filled=1&datasource[0]=padlistingsalt&dataindex=0&part=0&dataindex=0 and the unmoderated set by going to youradminpanelurl/loaddata.php?filled=1&datasource[0]=padlistings&dataindex=0&part=0&dataindex=0

Be aware that you're wiping your site data in the process and starting over.

Reloading From Another Source

If you want to replace WSN's default set with a set of PADs you've found elsewhere, and you want to wipe the database before importing so that you only have the new prefered set, then go to Admin -> Miscellaneous -> Advanced and running these lines in the SQL box:

Then in WSN go to Admin Panel -> Additions -> Add Listings -> "PAD CSV Import" and upload the PADs source you want to use there.

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