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Listing Types

Listing Types
09/24/03 (Edited 03/10/14)

By default, you have two types of listings in WSN Links: regular and reciprocal. In some other WSN scripts you have just one default type, regular. Suppose you wish to create another group.

Go to Admin Panel -> Listings -> Listing Types. This type manager will guide you through adding and editing your types. You give it the display name you want and the template code you want, and it automatically creates and inserts the right template code. If you want to have the types appear separately from each other, select not to mix listing types at the bottom of the page -- if you want them mixed together and will distinguish them in some other visual way, select to mix them.

Sometimes you want to display different content in the listing bit or the listing details page depending on what type it is. Do this with template conditionals:
<IF {LINKTYPE} is regular>regular stuff<ELSE IF {LINKTYPE} is recip>reciprocal stuff<ELSE>other stuff</IF>

For these conditionals, you'll need to use the official type name rather than the display name. You can find the official name (which is usually just the lowercased display name with spaces and special characters removed) in the advanced area at the bottom of the type manager page.

Using Only One Listing Type

Sometimes, people don't want to use multiple listing types. The best way to handle this is to simply switch off listing types at Admin -> Settings -> Switches. This will make everything be considered a regular listing with no prompt for the type.

Description Adding a new group of listings.
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