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Suspect Links

Suspect Links
09/25/03 (Edited 02/03/14)

Suspect links are links which have been through the duplicate, dead or reciprocal link checkers and have not passed the tests. These suspects are left for you to determine what you wish to do with them. Access your list of suspect links by going to your dead or reciprocal link check page and clicking the 'show all links marked as suspect' link. once they are listed for you, use the checkboxes next to them to select particular links to apply an action to. The available actions are listed in a selector below the links:
  • Mark as ok this time: Clears the link so that it no longer has suspect status and will be like any other link.
  • Never check again: Same as above but exludes this link from being checked in any future reciprocal or dead link checks you may perform. This should only be used for links consistently turning up as suspect which you know are fine and which you trust.
  • Notify submitters: Sends out an email (text determined by email_recipnotfoundbody in your language) notifying the webmaster of the selected suspect sites that no reciprocal link was found on their page. Leaves link as suspect, no changes to status.
  • Suspend the links: Hides the link from the topics, and emails the webmaster notifying them that their site has been suspended for lack of reciprocal link. Remains listed as suspect. To unsuspend (or delete) the link later, find it in the suspect link topic... it will have an 'restore this link' link below it if it is currently suspended.
  • Delete the links: Entirely deletes the selected links from your database.

Description Dealing with links which fail the link checker tests.
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