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09/06/18 (Edited 09/09/18)

The offers system, which you can enable at Admin -> Settings -> Switches -> Llistings -> Offers, allows listing owners to set up special offers which will display on their listing. These offers will consist of a title, offer description, offer code, and an image. This can be used for things like special discount codes and sales that can be redeemed on the website which the listing links to. The offers cannot be redeemed within WSN itself, so they're not applicable to using WSN as a storefront that sells items directly.

Offers are treated as a field, so you can manage the input and display code via the field manager at Admin -> Listings -> Listing Fields.

Submitters add and remove offers from the submit listing or edit listing page, and they're displayed to all on the listing details page. Offers may be held for validation by an admin if you so choose in the usergroup permissions.

Template variables:

{OFFERID} - The database id number
{OFFERTITLE} - The title of the offer
{OFFERDESCRIPTION} - The description of the offer
{OFFEREXPIREDATE} - The date on which the offer expires, if applicable
{OFFERIMAGEATTACHTHUMBIMAGE} - Thumbnail of the offer's image (complete img tag)
{OFFERIMAGEATTACHTHUMBURL} - URL of thumbnail of the offer image
{OFFERVALIDATED} - True if approved, false if pending admin validation
{OFFERLINKDETAILSURL} - URL of listing details page of listing this offer is for
{OFFERLINKTITLE} - Title of the listing this offer is for

{LINKNUMOFFERS} - The number of validated, non-expired offers a given listing has at the moment

You can also make toplists of offers with the toplist generator.

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