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Explanations of features that you can turn on or off at Admin Panel -> Settings -> Switches.

Show listings, ordered by

Understanding the "addresses" switch.

Rotating banners ads in slots.

Enabling users to download a CSV of all your listings.

An explanation of the switches.

Announcing important news to your visitors

Allowing people to create a new account to give a listing to.

eBay-like ratings on your site.

Creating accounts without asking.

Pictures for members.

Social networking.

Allowing submitter to reset the submission time on their listings.

Using the calendar system.

Toggling the category jumper.

Measuring activity.

Allowing members to get togeather for chats.

Details of the option.

Allowing visitors to claim an unowned listing for their account.

Forcing the would-be submitter to read about why they can't submit.

Merging two functions.

Allowing people to evaluate each other's comment posts.

Display video files in a flash player.

Complying with the children's online privacy protection act.

How to show a default thumbnail when there's no image.

Using pagerank in your directory

Making people retype the email while registering.

Downloading all attachments in a category at once.

Allowing users to download attachments all at once.

Incorporating screenshots from PAD files into the attachments system.

Listings from the future.

Making it possible to revert to a previous version.

Having listings expire after a time.

Enabling a gender selector for profiles.

Creating help entries for your visitors to read.

Preventing people from seeing what you're linking to.

Counting incoming hits.

Understanding the image editing switch.

Allowing visitors to embed and hotlink images from your gallery.

Sending people to the details page before the external website.

Enabling real-time conversations between two members.

Allowing topic creators to respond within replies.

An overview of the invitations system.

Making a persistent menu of categories and subcategories that appears on all pages.

Allowing category selection on a site with thousands of subcategories.

Verifying links in your directory.

Allowing members to trade links.

A slideshow of attachments

Enabling math.

Allowing members to publicize their blogs.

Allowing people to leave each other guestbook messages.

Creating a formula for giving a rating to each member.

Allowing members to learn that they've been moderated.

Keeping notes about members.

Display total users online in a particular category.

Details on using the online users list feature.

Potential uses of the switch.

Making use of the popular shareware information format for a software directory.

Allowing members to create a personal list of listings, organized into subcategories.

Associating icons with comments.

Printing pages.

Letting members message each other.

Enabling a directory of objects that can be reserved by date.

A switch for clutter reduction.

Collecting quotations.

Letting people link with a custom URL.

Associating listings with each other.

Displaying websites related to a listing.

Requesting changes to a post.

Giving users a mix of permissions.

Letting users collect payments.

Enabling purchases.

A place for quick socialization.

Understanding the "show image titles" switch.

Displaying some site stats on the front page.

Enabling and disabling the WSN branding link.

Displaying an automatic list of related categories.

Displaying a list of related content.

Enabling a slideshow

Making money.

Collecting short summaries.

Using the tagging features.

Incorporating thumbnail-sized screenshots of your links.

Auto-filling description, title and tags based on URL.

Acknowledging member birthdays on the front page.

Display how long users have spent on your site in their life.

Eliminating the username field.

Associating URLs with listings.

How to set up your site to use only a reciprocal listing type and a sponsored listing type, with no regular listings.

Keeping a count of hits/views.

Warning points for bad people.

What-you-see-is-what-you-get editing.

Submitting, accepting and displaying RSS or XML Feeds.

Adding YouTube videos to your gallery.

Creating different types of comments.

Using the blog ping switch.
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