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Have Your WSN Software Directory Brought Up to Date

You can use your admin panel to upgrade WSN Software Directory for free at any time. If you have suPHP or the FTP extension and have kept reasonably up to date, it's dead simple -- a single click. If your server has more complicated circumstances or if you're coming from an ancient version you may need help, though.

You may request a professionally-performed upgrade from WSN support. If you're upgrading within the same series and the servertest.php passes all green (recommended hosting environment), the service is free with all customizations retained. If it's to a new series or the server does not meet the recommendations, the upgrade will be changed at $1/minute -- please describe your sitaution to get an estimated cost.

Note: In order to upgrade from an older series to the current series, your account needs to already have current series access. If there's a payment requried for you to access it, you'll have to pay that first.

Note: If you attempted an upgrade but failed and want it resurrected and done properly for you, you must specify what version you were upgrading from.

Be prepared to wait 48 hours for the upgrade to be completed, or possibly longer for a complex template upgrade.

In order for upgrade services to be possible, you must supply the following information:

Type of Upgrade:

What version are you upgrading from?
(Only required for a repair of a failed upgrade.)

Please provide your FTP info:

FTP Host Address:
FTP User ID:
FTP User Password:

WSN Administrative Login:
Username with password

Customer Downloads Area Login:
Email with password

What URL are you requesting be upgraded?

CPanel/PHPMyAdmin Access Info (optional):
If you're upgrading from an older series, phpmyadmin or cpanel (or other hosting control panel) access info will make things go quicker.

Additional comments or instructions:

Your customer account email, where you'll be contacted when upgrade is complete or if the data you've provided is incomplete/inaccurate, is . Please verify that is your current e-mail address.