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IP and Location Block Target

IP and Location Block Target
06/08/15 (Edited 06/08/15)

For IP bans and location bans, you have the choice to either make them apply to the whole site or just make them apply to submissions and registrations. Go to Admin Panel -> Settings -> General -> "IP/Location Block Target" (or Admin -> Members -> Settings -> IP Bans in versions older than 9.2.1, for which the option only applies to IP bans).

Blocking from the entire site means people with affected IP addresses will see nothing but a "you've been banned" message (the "Banned" template from your theme) no matter what page of your site they load. The one exception to this is that if you set Admin Panel -> Settings -> General -> "Allow Banned to Contact?" to "yes" then they'll be able to use the contact form to get in touch with you and request unbanning.

Blocking from submission and registration only means people with affected IP addresses will see most of your site the same as everyone else does. When they attempt to register an account, submit a article or post a comment they'll get a message saying their IP has been blocked. If invites are enabled, they can still register using an invite link. If someone is already a registered member, then they'll be presumed trustworthy and will not be blocked from article and comment submissions.

In general, it's better to block from just submission and registration so that false positives are less inconvenient and you lose less advertising revenue. Blocking IPs/locations from the whole site will also result in your long-time members being blocked if they share the IP range or they go on vacation to one of the locations.

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