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Related URLs

Related URLs
12/12/11 (Edited 03/11/14)

For associating articles with each other, there's the related articles (manual) and similar articles (autogenerated) options. Sometimes, though, you want to associate a article with a remote website. The related URLs system allows you to do this.

First, switch on related URLs at Admin Panel -> Settings -> Switches. This will make an area appear on the submit article and edit article pages which prompts you to enter related websites and separate the URLs, titles and descriptions with semicolons.

To display a article's related URLs, use {LINKRELATEDURLS}. This will output them as a bulleted list like this:

If you want to style the list, the css class name on the ul tag is "relatedurls". If you want to make it a numbered list, use {LINKRELATEDURLS[ordered]}. To use another format, specify it with {LINKRELATEDURLS[other <,> <a href="{RELATEDURL}">{RELATEDTITLE}</a> - {RELATEDDESCRIPTION}]}

Description Displaying websites related to a article.
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