Searching - Learn how to configure searches. Sponsorship - Learn how to configure the different revenue generation methods which WSN provides you with.
  1. Censor - Replacing text with other text in user submissions.
  2. BB Codes - Creating replacements for HTML. Note: formerly known as WSN Codes.
  3. Custom Permissions Restrictions - Restricting access to any page.
  4. Smilies - Adding and removing.
  5. Using Personal List for Saved Articles - Saved articles with subcategories and unique articles.
  6. Advanced SQL Filtering - Making use of the 'only show links where' setting.
  7. Allowing Regular (or Reciprocal) Articles Only - Limiting to one type.
  8. Cookie Settings - A guide to configuring your cookie settings.
  9. Creating New Usergroups - Going beyond just members and admins.
  10. Display Articles From Subcategories in Top Level - How to store all your articles in subcategories, but still show stuff in the top level categories.
  11. Editors / Moderators - Adding helpers.
  12. Guest Page Cache System - Caching pages for faster display and lower server load.
  13. Limiting Levels - Reducing the number of levels in the category selector and sitemap.
  14. Link Importance Formula - Creating complex sorting algorithms.
  15. Managing Usergroup Permissions - Changing what guests, members and admins are allowed to do.
  16. Restrict Category to Particular Users - How to prevent most from viewing a category while allowing some.
  17. Site Details - Understanding the site details section.
  18. Spam Prevention - Prevent automated submissions.
  19. tweaks.php - A file for setting little tweaks to specify things.