Template Variables

  1. Introduction to Template Variables - Learn the basics of these markers which stand in for dynamic information.
  2. Global Variables - Template variables that work everywhere.
  3. Sponsorship Template Variables - Calling information about sponsorships into your templates.
  4. Member Variables - Summary of all member template variables.
  5. Category Variables - Summary of each category template variable.
  6. Language Variables - Guide to using language variables.
  7. Comment Variables - Summary of all comment tempalte variables.
  8. Article Variables - Summary of what each article template variable does when used in a template.
  9. Attachment variables - Template variables for use with attachments.
  10. Custom Date Formats - Specifying a date for applicable template variables.
  11. Event Variables - Template variables for calendar events.
  12. Feed Variables - RSS feed template variables for the feeds which are associated to particular articles.
  13. Menu Item Variables -
  14. Online User Articles - Details on using the online users list feature.
  15. Report Variables - Template variables which can be used in reports of articles/comments.
  16. Search Log Variables - Template variables available for search log toplists.
  17. Template Functions - How to use functions in templates, for advanced webmasters.