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Location: Amsterdam, Holland


Occupation: Jewelry Designer

Interests: Travel, reading, life in general

Biography: Allow me to introduce you to my world. The world of color(primarily pink), style, glamour,and the Bling-Bling. If it shines I love it, not tasteless bling-bling, but bling that says something, makes a statment, has a purpose. Fulfills a need in the viewer and the wearer, I mean Bling with a higher calling. We are talking Holy-Bling here.

I use only the best materials available: Swarovski Crystal, precious stones, semi-precious stones, Czech glass beads, hand made glass from Murano, hand made beads for India, Nickel-free metal only from European suppliers, plus a host of other items, that I feel satisfies the overall statement of the design. If there are any questions about the quality of the item I am using, I simply don\'t use it! I require only the finest components in the jewelry pieces I create. I wear my pieces as well, and I want only the best for myself, so I wish the best for my clients. Simple really.

Love, peace, and bling


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