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System Cron to Ensure Timed Tasks and Helper Completion

On a low traffic site, or a site where most traffic is guests and guest page caching is turned on, you may find that things aren't getting done. That's because WSN performs many long arduous tasks -- everything from generating website thumbshots to sending warning emails about sponsorship expirations -- over the course of visitor page loads.

The solution to this problem is to set up a system cron to make sure all pending tasks get run reasonably often. You can do this through your web hosting control panel -- search it for "cron" and you'll find a cron jobs page in every popular hosting control panel. Using that interface, set up a cron to run every 30 minutes (that should be sufficient for most situations) which will run the following command:

curl --silent http://yoursitepath/helper.php?action=helpercron >/dev/null 2>&1

Be sure to replace yoursitepath with your installation URL. If your server doesn't have curl, you may need to use wget instead:

wget -O -q 'http://yoursitepath/helper.php?action=helpercron'