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SEO URLs with mod_rewrite

If you're on an Apache server, or a Windows IIS server with ISAPI Rewrite or another mod_rewrite compatiable facility, you can make your forums accessible by a simple yoursite.com/wsn/catname/ url (where catname is any forum name), topic posts accesible by yoursite.com/wsn/catname/thread-name-1.html, and so on. This has the advantage of being friendlier-looking to the user, and it can put keywords in your URL which get you a better search engine rank.

To activate this option, simply go to Admin Panel -> Settings -> SEO and select to turn on url rewriting.



Some Simple Example Supported Rewrite Formats

For forums:


For details:


If you turn on rewriting but it doesn't work for whatever reason, you'll see an internal server error on your site. Delete your .htaccess file, then go to Admin -> Settings -> SEO to fix the issue if the issue is a bad format (or turn rewriting off if you can't fix it).