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Microsoft Windows IIS Issues and Tips

Installation Permissions

In order to install, PHP needs to have write permissions to the directory where you've uploaded autosetup.php. If your IIS host runs PHP in CGI mode then there are no worries, PHP already has permission. On the other hand, if not in CGI mode, PHP's user and your FTP user are different and you'll have to allocate permission. Since FTP chmod commands generally aren't allowed on Windows servers, WSN can't do it for you. You'll need to do it yourself with your hosting control panel.

If you have a cPanel control panel:
1) Click "File Manager"
2) Nvaigate to the folder you're uploading autosetup.php to.
3) Right-click the folder name and select "change permissions" from the context menu.
4) Set read, write and execute permissions to be allowed for everyone (user, group and world).

If you have a Plesk control panel:
1) Go to the "File manager" for the particular domain you are using.
2) Navigate to the folder you're uploading autosetup.php to. On the extreme right is a padlock icon. Click on the icon and the file permissions option will display.
3) Set read, write and execute permissions to be allowed for everyone (user, group and other).

You can also change permissions by using the Windows Remote Desktop Client (RDC):
1) Log on (do not go into the control panel)
2) Click "Start" button
3) Click "Manage Your Server"
4) Click "Manage this Application Server"
5) Navigate to the directory you're uploading autosetup.php to.
6) Click "Action"
7) Click "Permissions"
8) Set read, write and execute permissions to be allowed for everyone.

If you have trouble with these options for setting the permissions, ask your web host to set them for you.

SEO-Friendly URL Rewriting

WSN's search engine friendly URL option uses an .htaccess file which is processed by apache's mod_rewrite module. IIS doesn't come with any sort of rewrite module, but ISAPI Rewrite can add that functionality. If you're on a web host, you'll need to ask your host whether they have ISAPI Rewrite or are willing to install it for you. If you're running your own server, you can purchase and install it yourself.

Please note that you don't need to rewrite URLs -- everything will be fine. Rewriting just provides a minor SEO advantage by incorporating more keywords into URLs.

Other Notes

On IIS, you won't be able to set a unix load level number at which to reject spiders or reject guests. Most people don't use this option anyway.

On Windows, the date formats at Admin -> Settings -> Localization cannot use %e... use %d instead.