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Member Birthdays

Members have the option of specifying their birthdate when they register or edit their profile. If they fill it in, you can use that information to celebrate their birthday.

If you want to show today's member birthdays, you can use
in any template. This is cached for speed.

If you have the Calendar and Calendar birthdays switches enabled, the calendar will show upcoming member birthdays on it. At Admin Panel -> Settings -> General you can set how recently the member needs to have logged in for their birthday to be listed. If you have a very large number of members (10,000+) you may notice a slowdown in viewing the calendar, and can speed things up by setting it to show fewer birthdays.

As a way of keeping people engaged with your site, a happy birthday email is automatically sent to each user on their birthday. If you prefer not to send this email, turn it off at Admin -> E-mails -> E-mail Preferences -> "Send email to user on their birthday?". If you'd like to customize the email text, go to Admin -> Customizations -> Language and search for language items where the name contains birthday (email_birthdaysubject is the subject line and email_birthdaybody is the body text).