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Customizing Emails

Before using any email functions, you must supply an administrative email address on your settings page. This is the address that will appear on the "From" line of all outgoing emails.

WSN automatically sends out emails for many purposes, including but not limited to validation notifications, emailed topics, reported topics or posts, new suggested topics, and activation codes when email confirmation of new members is required. (You may choose not to send some of these in your email preferences.) You can customize the text of all of these emails in your language section. In your admin panel, click 'edit outgoing emails' in your email section. It will show you a list of all email text. In general, subject lines are named as language variables ending in subject and the full messages are named ending in body.

When done, click 'update all language' and your changes to the emails will be saved.

Note: If you've enabled MIME in your email preferences, you can use HTML in the text of all emails.