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Bulk Sponsorship

At Admin -> Settings -> Switches, beneath the sponsorship switch there's a "Bulk Sponsorship" switch. When activated, this allows registered site members to buy multiple topic type sponsorships at once. This is mainly useful on a site where all topics are paid and submitters tend to make numerous submissions -- or where you want to offer discounts for buying multiple sponsorships.

The bulk sponsorship purchase page is linked with the text "Buy Topics" in the front page template. This links to index.php?action=bulksponsor, which can be customized in the "bulk sponsorship" template at Admin -> Themes -> Manage Templates. The purchaser selects a topic type from among the sponsored types, and then selects a quantity to buy. Upon purchase they're automatically redirected to the submit topic page which will automatically process their submission as a paid sponsored topic.

You can set bulk discounts with your bulk sponsorship, so that buying several topics at once costs less than buying them one at a time. When adding a topic type sponsorship level at Admin -> Revenue -> Sponsorship, click the "Add Bulk Pricing Range" option to do so.

When the bulk-sponsored topics expire, at present they can only be renewed separately one at a time at the undiscounted price -- so best used with longer term sponsorships.

There are a few template variables you can use to display more information about someone's bulk sponsorships:
{MEMBERBULKPURCHASEDTOTAL} - The number of submissions they bulk purchased.
{MEMBERBULKPURCHASEDUSED} - The number of bulk purchased submissions they've done so far.
{MEMBERBULKPURCHASEDREMAINING} - The number of bulk purchased submissions they have left.
{MEMBERBULKPURCHASEDTYPE} - The topic type they've bulk purchased.

These also work as {THISMEMBER for the person viewing the page, so to show them the number of submissions they have left you'd do this:
<p>You can make {THISMEMBERBULKPURCHASEDREMAINING} more {THISMEMBERBULKPURCHASEDTYPE} submissions: <a href="suggest.php?action=addlink">Submit</a></p>
<p>You've used up all your bulk submissions: <a href="index.php?action=bulksponsor">Buy More</a></p>
<p>You haven't purchased any submissions: <a href="index.php?action=bulksponsor">Buy Some</a></p>