Administrative Tasks

Importing - Filling your directory with pre-existing data. Configuration - Configuring WSN settings and options.
Advanced Options Link Checkers
Blocking - Preventing unwanted people from doing unwanted things. Email - Features and options relating to email.
Reciprocal Linking - Trading links with other websites. Switches - Explanations of features that you can turn on or off at Admin Panel -> Settings -> Switches.
  1. Changing your titles - Setting your own site title in the navigation and title bar.
  2. Passwords - Passwords, the email password function, and how to email the user's existing password.
  3. Bulk Addition of Forums - How to add many subforums at once.
  4. Regenerating Counters - Details on when you need to regenerate.
  5. Updating Software Topics - Getting a current software database for your software repository site.
  6. Forum Types - Creating special forums.
  7. Database Backup and Restore - Safeguarding your content.
  8. Topic Types - Adding a new group of topics.
  9. Validating - Filtering submissions.