Adding Fields Individual Hacks - How-to details for completed hacks.
  1. Modifications Guide - For advanced users: how to expand WSN.
  2. PHP in Templates - For advanced users.
  3. Plugins - Changing the functionality of WSN Links with PHP plugin files.
  4. Using the Modifications Directory - Including new PHP.
  5. Adding Database Tables - Drop in a new table and display and manage its data via WSN.
  6. Adding Logic to Redirects - How to make form submissions redirect with a special message and destination when a particular form field has a particular value.
  7. Adding New Template Variables - Like adding methods to the classes, but upgradeable.
  8. Custom Incomplete Field Text - How to set different custom text to display when someone fails to fill in different fields.
  9. Sliders, Carousels and Faders - Animating image toplists with javascript.