1. Topic type Sponsorship - Integrating with PayPal or 2checkout to build revenue.
  2. Member Group Sponsorship - Allow visitors to purchase promotion to a particular usergroup, or make them pay to register.
  3. Unpaid Sponsorship - An advanced option to sponsor without paying.
  4. Premium Forums -
  5. Sponsorship Template Variables - Calling information about sponsorships into your templates.
  6. Allowing Only Reciprocal And Sponsored - Setting up your directory to require reciprocal links for free topics, but not require them for paid topics.
  7. Changing Currency - Charging in euros, dollars, pesos etc via paypal.
  8. Testing Payments - How to use the PayPal sandbox for test payments.
  9. PPC Sponsored Links - Integrate pre-supplied PPC search engine results and earn revenue from each click.