1. 403 Forbidden - What to do if you get a 403 forbidden error on your pages.
  2. 500 Internal Server Error - Possible causes of HTTP 500 errors.
  3. Allowed memory size exhausted - Possible causes of "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted at (null):0 (tried to allocate 3840 bytes) in /path/to/commonfuncs.php(245) : eval()'d code on line 1"
  4. Automatic Upgrade Fails - Causes and solutions for a failure to autoupgrade your install.
  5. Blank Screen - What to do if after installation all pages are simply blank.
  6. Browser-specific Problems - What to do if things work when testing in one browser, but not in another.
  7. Can't Login to Admin Panel - What to do when you appear to be completely locked out of your links directory's admin panel.
  8. Can't Upload Large Files - If you have changed the settings to allow large files but still can't upload beyond perhaps 2 MB, read this.
  9. Clicking link to front page removes www - What to do if clicking a link to takes you to
  10. Conditionals Errors - Common problems with conditionals.
  11. Config.php - What to do if you overwrite it by accident, or if you're switching servers.
  12. Dead link and reciproal link checkers - What to do when they don't work.
  13. Debug Mode - Explanation of each debug level, and tips on debuggging.
  14. Directory URL Incorrect - Information on how to correct it if you accidentally set your directory url to an incorrect value.
  15. Disabling mod_security - Stopping mod_security from killing pages with 403s or blanks.
  16. Enabling PHP 5 - How to enable PHP5 on your normally-PHP4 server.
  17. Excessive Page Caching - What to do when you keep getting cached versions of pages.
  18. Improving Load Times on High Traffic Sites - Tips and tricks.
  19. Issues with Exceptionally Large Sites - Tips on changes you may need to make for good performace when you have many thousands of forums.
  20. Login Troubles - Various login-related issues.
  21. Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded - Causes and solutions to timeout issues.
  22. MySQL errors - Dealing with SQL errors such as "Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/username/public_html/topics/classes/database.php on line 22"
  23. Not Getting Digest Emails - What to do if some members aren't receiving their daily/weekly digests.
  24. Options Missing From Admin Panel Menu - As a result of changing your administrator permission, you can't get to sections of your admin panel.
  25. Pageranks are all 1 - When you have pagerank switched on, yet it doesn't work.
  26. Pagination Problem - What to do if next page and previous page links stop working.
  27. Parse errors - What to do if you get something similar to "Parse error: parse error in /home/yourusername/public_html/links/commonfuncs.php(502) : eval()'d code on line 138"
  28. Random Troubleshooting - Non-specific suggestions.
  29. Server Load High / MySQL death - Emergency measures to deal with extreme loads.
  30. Specifying MySQL Port and Socket - What to do on an unusual host which doesn't handle port and socket properly automatically.
  31. The requested page does not exist - Causes and solutions of non-existant pages.
  32. Unable to save MySQL query result - This mysql message typically indicates a server problem.
  33. Warning: Cannot modify header information - Causes and solutions for this warning.
  34. You do not have any template sets! / You do not have any stylesheets! - Causes and solutions for these error messages.
  35. You don't have any languages - What to do about a "you don't have any languages!" error message.