1. Distance Range Searches - Searching for items within a distance of a city or a zip or postal code.
  2. Combination Simple and Advanced Search -
  3. Linking to Search Results - Using a simple link to point people at the search results for a particular term.
  4. Location Filtering - Filtering from country to state or province and finally down to city.
  5. Remote Searching of Your Site - Let other sites add your search box to their page and drive more traffic to your site.
  6. Search in Forums - A forum-specific simple search box.
  7. Search Logging - Generating data about searches.
  8. Searching - Configuring simple and advanced search.
  9. Searching by Coordinates -
  10. Searching by State - Allowing visitors to search topics in their preferred states.
  11. Searching with Checkboxes - Adding custom field searches to the advanced search page that use checkboxes to search.