Toplists - The power to call any information, via a list into your templates. Template Variables - The information in your templates in {THESE} brackets that is changed when the page is loaded for your visitor.
Custom Templates - When a different or special template is need to display necessary information.
  1. Modifying Templates - An introduction to modifying your templates.
  2. Conditionals Syntax - Simple ways to make your templates dynamic without learning php.
  3. Dealing with path differences: base directory vs. /admin/ - Effectively write your templates to look the same whether viewed from your base directory or from the admin directory.
  4. PHP in Templates - For advanced users.
  5. Eliminating auto-inserted <tr> tags - In order to use a tableless XHTML layout.
  6. Custom Permissions Restrictions - Restricting access to any page.
  7. Effectively Customizing with [INSERTFILE=template] - Keeping your changes separate from the main templates.
  8. JavaScript Issues - Including JavaScript in your templates.
  9. Showing wrapper content for one area only - How to use a conditional to display certain text in your wrapper only when a particular template (for example, main.tpl) is being shown in the body of the page.
  10. Unique Settings and Switches For a Template Set - Changing settings, switches and other things for one template set without changing for others.
  11. Tabbed Details Page - Splitting the topic details into tabs.
  12. Vertical Ordering - Showing items in multiple vertical columns instead of horizonal.
  13. Displaying Content on the First Page Only - How to show certain HTML when on page 1, but not any other page of a forum.
  14. Totals of Each Type on Current Page - Checking how many topics of each type are on the current page.
  15. Adding a Right Side Vertical Banner - How to add a banner ad to the right side of all pages.
  16. Twitter Feeds - How to integrate a twitter feed into your templates.