1. The Installation Process - How to install.
  2. Recommended Hosting Setup - Things to look for in your web host.
  3. Microsoft Windows IIS Issues and Tips - Though the vast majority of users have apache servers, you can run WSN on Windows IIS as well. Here's a guide to some minor issues involved.
  4. Multilingual vs. English-Only - Points to consider in making the choice.
  5. Automatic Upgrades - Things to keep in mind with the automated upgrades option.
  6. Upgrading Templates - Keeping your customizations when you have to overwrite a template.
  7. Moving an Install - Moving WSN from one directory to another or one site to another. Or, creating a copy of your install.
  8. Making Permissions Easier: suPHP - There are major advantages to using suPHP or FastCGI, but the changeover is a complicated process.