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Customize your web pages, make them look and retrieve the information you want to display.

The power to call any information, via a list into your templates.

The information in your templates in {THESE} brackets that is changed when the page is loaded for your visitor.

When a different or special template is need to display necessary information.
Show listings, ordered by

How to add a banner ad to the right side of all pages.

How to integrate a twitter feed into your templates.

An introduction to modifying your templates.

Simple ways to make your templates dynamic without learning php.

Effectively write your templates to look the same whether viewed from your base directory or from the admin directory.

For advanced users.

In order to use a tableless XHTML layout.

Restricting access to any page.

Keeping your changes separate from the main templates.

Including JavaScript in your templates.

How to use a conditional to display certain text in your wrapper only when a particular template (for example, main.tpl) is being shown in the body of the page.

Changing settings, switches and other things for one template set without changing for others.

Splitting the listing details into tabs.

Showing items in multiple vertical columns instead of horizonal.

How to show certain HTML when on page 1, but not any other page of a category.

Checking how many listings of each type are on the current page.
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