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Show Custom Template Anywhere

Show Custom Template Anywhere
10/31/04 (Edited 03/11/14)

The code:
/* Supply the path to WSN and the name of your template on the lines as requested */
$pathtowsn = '/full/file/path/'; // same as the uploadpath value in your wsn config.php file but without the 'attachments/' part
$yourtemplatename = 'mytemplate.tpl'; // the template, located in the 'custom' subdirectory of your templates directory, that you want to display
$usewrapper = 'yes'; // set to 'no' if you don't want to show the WSN wrapper

$curr_path = getcwd();
require 'start.php';
if (!$template) $template = new template('custom/'. $yourtemplatename);
require 'end.php';

Fill in the $pathtowsn and $yourtemplatename values there and save it as yournamehere.php in whatever directory you have in mind.

Want it to apply over a particular page? Replace
require 'start.php';
if (!$template) $template = new template('custom/'. $yourtemplatename);
require 'end.php';
$_GET['custom'] = 'yes';
$_GET['TID'] = 'yourtemplatename';
$_REQUEST['TID'] = $_GET['TID']; $_REQUEST['custom'] = $_GET['custom'];
require 'index.php';

Change index.php to the php file you want, and set the appropriate GET parameters you want to pass besides custom and TID. For example, to overlay on a particular category display page, get both REQUEST and GET for action to equal 'displaycat' and then set catid to equal the desired category number.

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