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Facebook App

Facebook App
03/13/11 (Edited 03/11/14)

At Admin -> Settings -> Social, you have an option to enable a facebook app. If you turn this on, two new templates will appear at Admin Panel -> Themes -> Manage Templates: "Facebook App Wrapper" and "Facebook App Front Page". These templates will control the appearance of a facebook app edition of your WSN site.

You will also need to go to to register and configure the app with facebook. Use any app name and namespace you like. Type in http://yourwsninstallationlocation/facebook.php?dynamic as the Canvas URL (replace yourwsninstallationlocation with your actual site URL). Keep it as an iframe. For the privacy policy, use http://yourwsninstallationlocation/facebook.php?action=privacy

By entering the app id and secret on the social settings page you can enable facebook connect logins as well.

Description Creating a facebook app from your WSN website.
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