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Application Icons

Application Icons
12/01/09 (Edited 01/03/16)

In a software directory, an application icon is a 32x32 pixel image representing the program. The 32x32 size is specified by the PAD spec. WSN Software Directory will automatically display application icons when a PAD URL is submitted.

The default icon, shown when no icon is associated with the article, is templates/images_default/applicationicondefault.png. The distributed one is simply a transparent image to fill the space. Edit it to whatever you like with your favorite image editor.

Showing images from numerous remote servers can lead to long delays before the page is officially complete, so you may wish to host the icons on your own server. To do that, go to Admin Panel -> Settings -> Switches and check the box for "download application icons". Note that this can take a gigabyte of hard disk space if you have tens of thousands of articles.

To display an application icon, when within the scope of a article in a template, use <img src="{LINKAPPLICATION_ICON_URL}">

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