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Allow claiming articles via edit/register
05/21/12 (Edited 03/11/14)

At Admin Panel -> Settings -> Switches, the "allow claiming articles via edit/register" switch enables a system whereby any guest or member can claim any unowned article. On the details page of unowned articles there'll be an "Is this your article? Update and claim it!" link which leads to the edit article page. There, the person -- whether an unregistered guest or a member -- will be able to submit updates for the article (if you require validation of edits for the usergroup then the updates will be held for approval). The claiming editor will be required to register a username and password. If sponsorship is enabled, they'll also be presented the option to select a sponsored article type which if selected will redirect them to the sponsorship page after they submit the updates. Once they submit their updates, they become the owner of the article.

Note that member registration must be enabled for this to work.

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